SYSTEMS THEORY: The Ultimate Solution?

Dedicated to my children: Petros and Yohannes Abraham.

   If a system is defined as 'a group of things or parts working together as a whole', then apart from the (physical or analyzable) 'things or partsin the system, the 'working-togetheraspect and other inherent subtleties can be  identified and introduced in some simple mathematical scheme. In this site, the universal properties of these abstract non-localizable entities are deliberated very broadly, from various fields of investigations. When this is applied to the individual self (a self-making or autopoietic system equipped with brain), then the results are startling and simply enlightening.

FIG.  Bénard cells  collaborative effect (honeycomb pattern) among hot-cold fluid (or water) molecules for perfect ventilation.

   This website attempts to show the holistic picture of component-interactions of a system. When this principle is extended to human interactions, it suggests autonomous (universal) connectivity hallowed by integrated and enlightened nature. Thus the solution seems to lie in uplifted human interactions ('working-together' + save the world – the emerging paradigm or commonsense of our time. Needless to say, a social system populated by aware citizens is undoubtedly a prosperous and vibrant society. 

Symbolic Representation of John Wheeler's

Participatory Universe

   Wheeler's symbolic picture represents the universe as a self-observing system, revealing that  " ... an observer today can be made partially responsible for generating the reality of the remote past."  "It is only through acts of observation that the physical reality of the world becomes actualized; yet this same physical world generates an observer responsible for concretizing its existence. This concretization extends even to the laws of physics themselves [all the way to Big-Bang]."

    In the figure, the eye represents an 'observer' who emerges at some stage of creation, and then looks back to the origin. The large stands for the physical universe (‘Landscape’). The Big Bang symbol (the right-side of U) represents the early stages of the universe, being promoted to concrete reality through its later observation by consciousness, which itself depends on that reality. The 'Mindscape', generally regarded as Mind (the holistic/living aspect of the Brain), is thus a direct connectivity with the whole of creation. 

[Extracted from: The Mind of God: Science and the Search for Ultimate Meaning by Paul Davies.]



    Concerning the observer, the whole thing unravels the age-old secret of ‘Trinity’: the Body, Brain and Mind. In this website, the main emphasis lies on Mindscapethat ultimately leads to doing miracles and a ‘glimpse of the mind of God’. Apart from the primitive five senses of perception (vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste), the development of a sixth sense (in the Endocrine system) introduces a state of transcendence that is universal. This website attempts to show the practice and transcendent experience where, among other things, one can see events just before they happened, or one would have some kind of clairvoyant/psychic knowledge – delayed choice experiment’. After such a transcendent experience, one's perception and life will be dramatically different.

    John Archibald Wheeler is a renowned physicist noted for his introduction of the concepts of scattering-matrix (S-matrix), resonance grouping structures, his invention of the names 'black-holes', 'wormholes' and corresponding space-time singularities ...

"Just as we all share the same Universe, we all share the same Mindscape."

"If the Mindscape is a One, then it is a member of itself, and thus can only be known through a flash of mystical vision. No rational thought is a member of itself, so no rational thought could tie the Mindscape into a One."  ['Infinity and the Mind' by Rudy Rucker]

1.  The geometry that arises in the development of Einstein's   General Theory of Relativity and subsequent theories suggests that extra-dimensional phenomena are all possible realities on this earth. Within this framework, extra-dimensional realities involve non-localizable entities like tachyons, time-travel, teleportation and invisibility, just to mention a few.

2.  Such realities are inherent in living (cognitive) systems, particularly re-cognizable by the rational conscious self. 

3.  This implies that one can transcend above the ordinary state of awareness to access those paranormal events consciously; and hence (with those capabilities) one can effectively change conditions for better and enlightened universal outcome.
4.  This concept of blending the physical with the non-physical seems to be the only solution of our troubled times at present. Surprising is that this act of connectivity has been prevailing for eons as cultures in the Nile region and elsewhere.

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SYSTEMS THEORY: The Ultimate Solution?



     When one talks about the unfolding drama of the universe (or the truth) scientifically, ...  [Download PDF ...]

   'I went down to the countries underneath the earth, to the peoples of the past; but you lifted my life from the pit.' 


SYSTEMS THEORY: The Ultimate Solution?

Phase I


   It seems that I have attained a certain breakthrough ...  [Download PDF ...]

‘Everything what one speaks, it manifests; everything what one thinks, it manifests; everything what one does, it becomes a creation  – this is enlightenment.'  



SYSTEMS THEORY: The Ultimate Solution?

Phase II


   Thank you for your interest; this may give you some picture of my work ... [Download PDF ...]

‘... Man did not weave the web of life;

he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web,

he does to himself.’      

 [Extracted from ‘The Web of Life’]


SYSTEMS THEORY: The Ultimate Solution?

Phase III


 The existence of higher dimensions (more than the four space-time), together with the common metaphor ...

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     'The more we know about our universe, the more difficult it becomes to believe in determinism.' [Ilya Romanovich Prigozhin]


      I studied asymptotic solutions on differential equations under the so-called Phase-Integral Method ...
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'Enlightened approach to a problem makes the problem enlightening.'

'Ethiopia stretches Her hands to God.'

 [The animated version of Mach's principle]


    The great work of Albert Einstein was not mainly in the formation of bombs or ... 

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'The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.'....    [Albert Einstein]


   Among other things, the non-linear approach to (dynamicalsystems is one of the most fascinating and promising research issues in theoretical physics at present ...

[Old Egyptian Proverbs]


    One of the great surprises of chaos theory is the discovery of totally new simplicities, deep universal patterns concealed within the erratic behaviors of chaotic dynamical systems. Chaos theory is concerned with finding the underlying order in apparently random/disordered data. However, there seems to be no way of determining the resulting order through approximations, no matter how precise. Yet, the universality of the order is always there, revealed as ‘self-similar’.

   This leads to saying that physical manifestations are phenomena that cannot be totally understood through reasoning or analysis. In other words, physical reality cannot be explained with rational thinking; and hence, the universe is unpredictable and unknowable. The only successful approach to comprehend is through a meditative state that transcends local realities – through the holistic aspect of the Brain regarded as the Mind or Mindscape’. Chaos of uncertainties containing incompletenesses, irrationals, fractals etc. is a crack towards understanding the grand design of the universe and one's relationship with it for personal understanding and creativity ...

    Some of the proofs are sited below: [Read more ...]


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       What is the relationship between the CREATOR (left) and the OBSERVER (right)?

    According to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, the Big Bang [point between the white and black backgrounds in the figure] represents ‘The Beginning’, the grand event at which not only matter but space-time itself was born. The discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background in 1965 has confirmed a key prediction of the Big Bang cosmology. From that point on it was generally accepted that the universe started in a hot, dense early state, and has been expanding ever since. Cosmic inflation is an era of accelerating expansion produced by a hypothesized field called the inflaton-field, which would have properties similar to the Higgs field and dark energy.  [article]

    This creation from nothing is characteristic of extra-dimensional phenomena that cannot be explained on rational terms. One can only feel this process of creation through hormonal (or neurotransmitter) molecules in the Body (or Brain), in the ‘Here-and-Now’ – when space and time are consciously reduced to zero. Then, outside of time and space lies a world of limitless possibility, or super-consciousness. It is here where we discover that we are part of a greater whole; that we are all one with the creator, and can intuit this phenomenon consciously. In this state, one sees reality in a grasp: ‘a flash of mystical vision’ or according to Einstein, ‘cosmic religious feeling’.

    The ways of attaining transcendent states (beyond physical existence) – the states of omnipresence – in logical ways is the essence of this website. The outcome is something great one has to find out for oneself – a universal gift, far beyond words and expressions.

       A supernova is a massive and spectacular explosion resulting from the death of a star more than ten times bigger than our own Sun. When huge stars run out of fuel, they collapse under the influence of immense gravitational forces. Although this dramatic and sudden release of energy is highly destructive, it can also give birth to other stars and solar systems as well as the elements present on Earth that create life as we know it.

  The surprising thing about transcendental observation is that one can access those events semi-consciously, generally expressed as ‘artist's impression’ –  revealing the faintest extraterrestrial information through artistic (or holistic) language.  The mechanism of linking the observables with the unobservable potentialities is again the theme of this website.

    The solar nebular hypothesis states that stars and solar systems are formed from the collapse of an interstellar gas cloud. A molecular cloud made mostly of hydrogen and traces of other elements began to collapse, forming a large sphere in the center which would become the Sun, as well as a surrounding disk. The surrounding accretion disk would coalesce into a multitude of smaller objects that would become planets, asteroids, and comets. New computer simulations indicating the death of a star in a supernova suggest that this process may have triggered the birth of our Sun and the solar system.

    Scientists say this is what happened to our solar system about 4.6 billion years ago (or about 9 billion years after the Big Bang), but what exactly triggered this collapse is not yet known. 

    Nevertheless, the holistic perception for this is that ‘through conscious beings [‘animated stardust’], the universe generates self-awareness.’ It induces a mystical contact with the grand design of the universe to share the drama of creation. Thus, the universe created conscious beings through which it can express itself: ‘You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are.’ ['The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle]

   ΛCDM  or Lambda-CDM model is a parametrization of the Big Bang cosmological model in which the universe contains a cosmological constant, denoted by Lambda, and cold dark matter. It is frequently referred to as the standard modelBig Bang cosmology.

   In recent years, scientists have discovered that 95% of the contents of the cosmos are invisible to our primitive methods of direct detection. The kind of matter with which we are familiar (with our five senses of perception) only makes up about 5% of the universe. 25% of the energy density of the universe is a distribution of the invisibledark matter(a kind of particle that is massive and weakly interacting). The remaining 70% is the all-pervasivedark energy’, a smoothly-distributed energy-field that remains persistent in density even as the universe expands.

    This dark energy is not only responsible for the expansion of the universe (acting as anti-gravity), but it is also an exotic energy field – the essence or soul of the universe that oscillates over space and time. Thus dark energy is inherent in all systems (evolving or devolving); and most importantly, with conscious beings. Dark energy is some sort of radiation we cannot detect with our physical senses – it affects the delicate receptor-molecules (through hormones, peptides ...) of our cells, or electrical charges in the nerve synapses as neurotransmitters.

   The important thing here is the fact that

it existed since the Big Bang, before the formation of the earth, worldly religions, philosophies, -ism's, ….  In terms of the physical senses, it existed before, it is existing now and it will exist forever. This website seems to suggest that a direct connectivity to this phenomenon is available. [See references.]

    As a result, it manifests as impression or feeling. Exercise in detecting such influences in relation to one's purpose on this earth is most rewarding.

   According to the general theory of relativity, it is possible that the very fabric of space-time [left] bends an infinite amount in a black-hole. This point of infinite density – space-time singularity– is of infinite curvature that is reduced to a mathematical point [center]. However, if this point is smeared out in space-time, then there is a possibility that it turns into white-hole [right] and begins to spew everything it consumed, even civilizations, cultures … It goes through a worm-hole and blasts out in some other form of space-time.

    The claim here is that this process of transformation can also be experienced consciously!

Newton's Bucket Experiment


   By observation, one can ‘see’ centrifugal forces from the geometry the fluid displays – the surface of a rotating fluid assumes a concave shape. Mach's principle asserts the shape is also due to the rotation of the whole universe around the axis (the rope), if the fluid is considered at rest.

   A very general and technical statement of Mach's principle is that ‘Local physical laws are determined by the large-scale structure of the universe.’ Or mass out there influences inertia here’. The underlying idea in Mach's principle is that the origin of inertia or mass of a particle is a dynamical quantity determined by the environment, in particular the rest of the matter in the universe.

      Thus, a willed motion of the Body (rotation, or a simple gesture) animates the rest of the universe sufficient to have a dialogue with – ‘Ethiopia stretches Her hands to God’.

    The figure shows the ancient Egyptian symbol for self- transformation.

    The handle is a circle symbolizing the ‘perfect image’ of that which has no beginning and no end; it represents the soul and life of the universe. The cross underneath it was used for initiates [towards priesthood] in the process of going through the trance of ‘state of death’ to attain grace – ‘crucifixion of the elect’ or ‘consecrated action’, as they called it.

    In general, it represents transformation from the earthly (‘Adamic’) state to a universal state – the ‘living and immortal’ state. It is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe is memories of past lives or incarnations, a form of regression therapy. This was taught and experienced by initiates in the Mystery Schools, in undergoing the death and rebirth rituals, which were often fatal. After this near-death experience, Egyptian mystics could levitate, handle fire, live under water, sustain great pressure, harmlessly suffer mutilation, read the past, foretell the future, make themselves invisible, and cure disease.  

“A great many of these initiates are known even to this day; Moses, Pythagoras, Euclid, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Herodotus, Solon, Heraclitus, Plotinus, Hypocrates, and many more were initiated under the guidance of the Mystery School. They introduced concepts of mathematics, geometry, logic, architecture, music, literature, art, philosophy, astronomy, astrology, medicine, law, ethics, morals, survey, physics, and government to touch on just a few, as by-products of their most significant quest!”

    Extra-dimensional realities, out-of-body experiences, etc.  were not associated with occult performances playing tricks, but something that arose from profound understanding of the laws of physics – holistic physics or Metaphysics. Main emphasis in this website is on the ‘Meta’ part (Metaphysics minus physics) which deals with abstractions inherent in everyone. Unlike physics which deals with externalized processes in the labs or through telescopes, metaphysics includes the life and perception of the observer whose acts of observation become the actualization of physical reality – observer-participancy’. The second emphasis lies on the modern approaches of crossing over the cross effortlessly!

   To them, life on earth was only illusion; and death was a reality. ‘He knew how to gain the goodwill of the gods by offering them his own life on earth, but in a state of purity.’ [A. Champdor, ‘Book of the Dead’]

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